About Us



Committed to Finding the Truth

Medical research has a way of being disconcerting. It can be paralyzing when you see one medical site declaring “Saturated Fats are the leading cause of heart disease” and in just one or two clicks you can come across another article that vehemently contradicts that very claim.
Who do you believe? Science is science…Isn’t it? Sometimes, medicine can almost feel as personal as picking a religion. We don’t think that it should be that way. The data should declare the truth, so the data is what we seek.

The Data Will Be Our Guide

Research, not our unfounded opinions will back our claims. We will seek out the best research by scouring the latest and sometimes historical studies from doctors all over the globe. We will share the many open and freely available studies from sources such as PubMed, Medline, Embase, and PMC.
We will never leave you in the dark, and we never expect you to take us at our word. That isn’t to say that we don’t hope to earn your trust.

How It All Began

I grew up in a home where essential oils and other natural treatments were the standard medical practice. It taught my brothers and I the value of traditional medicine as a supplemental treatment to a whole host of issues.   
As kids often do, we got everything from scrapes from skateboarding to bee stings from trying to catch bumble bees in a mason jar. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that we received daily baptisms of hydrogen peroxide and the occasional dabbing of lavender oil for those irritating stings.
These simple remedies are versatile and time-tested. The masses have also widely forgotten them. That’s okay though. At HealthWatchlist, we consider ourselves to be medicinal archeologists. We have a passion for digging up those treasures of the past by pouring through the medical journals so that we can present them to you for the benefit of everyone. It is our passion and our purpose.

Johnathan Smith – Founder of HealthWatchList

Growing up in a home with a mom that utilized natural remedies whenever possible exposed me to the effectiveness of essential oils. I understand that they are not the end all, be all, but whenever possible I like to turn to natural remedies. I currently live in beautiful central florida with my lovely wife and three wonderful children.