Valor Essential Oil

This intriguing and luxurious essential oil is sometimes known as courage in a bottle, and aside from invoking feelings of confidence can provide you with many benefits. Valor essential oil is a blend of products which has a surprising range of uses,

In this article, we will be showing you just how you can take advantage of this particular essential oil and sharing some of the wonderful benefits you can expect to see from its use.

What Is Valor Essential Oil?

As we mentioned, valor essential oil is a blend made up of other essential oils. In the mix, you can expect to find spruce, blue tansy, rosewood and frankincense, giving this oil the benefits of all of these combined.

Valor Essential Oil Benefits

When using valor oil, you will likely notice many different benefits, let’s take a more in depth look at what this essential oil can bring to your life.

Boost Courage….

One of the most notable and interesting uses of valor essential oil is that using just a few dabs on a pulse point, especially the wrists can bring on intense feelings of courage.

For this reason, it is often used as a way of boosting confidence in those who suffer from feelings of low self esteem and can be particularly useful in treating mental health conditions which arise as a result of these feelings.

….and Help With Anxiety

One of the most common mental health conditions that may occur as a result of low self esteem is anxiety. Coupled with its use of raising levels of courage and confidence, valor essential oil is also excellent at combating symptoms associated with anxiety. It is thought that by using the product as a topical treatment, it might also help with those suffering from depression.

Spinal Health

One of the best and most frequently used reasons for applying valor oil is to assist in a healthy alignment of the spine. The oil is widely used within chiropractors surgeries and helps these doctors when an adjustment to the spine is required. On top of this, it is thought that by applying this essential oil to the feet as well as along the length of the spine will improve your spinal balance. Using the oil two times each day on the soles of your feet is thought to have a very positive impact on your skeletal alignment.

It is also thought that applying valor oil to painful joints can be greatly beneficial, with the oil having the capability to relieve pain and inflammation. This means that those who suffer from arthritis may find a great relief from their symptoms through the use of valor oil.

If all of this wasn’t enough, valor oil also has the power to provide a sense of relief from those suffering from back pain. This is a common problem, especially with our busy lives, but when applying the valor oil along the spine and to the feet, back pain will be greatly reduced.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

There are many essential oils which claim to provide the user with a better quality of sleep and the ability to drop of much more easily but you may not think that valor oil would be one of them. With its reputation for bringing on confidence and courage, you might be misled into thinking that it would not be conducive to a restful sleep.

But you would be mistaken, it has been suggested that valor oil can improve the quality of sleep for those suffering with sleep apnea. One of the main problems that are faced for sufferers of this condition is obstruction of the airways and difficulty in breathing. However, it is thought that by applying valor oil topically to the soles of the feet, breathing can be eased and a better night’s sleep can be achieved.

Coupled with this, valor oil can be used to treat snoring which is also very common in those who have sleep apnea. For people with a mild form of the condition, this oil may be enough to relief symptoms to the point of reversing the condition completely, due to the fact that the condition does not need medical treatment in its mild form.

Boost Your Workout

If you require a little more of an energy boost when working out, valor essential oil might make the perfect partner for your exercise regime. It is believed that this essential oil, when applied to the feet can boost your work out and bring a greater level of energy. In turn, this can translate into a much more fruitful exercise session.

Improve Memory And Brain Function

Valor essential oil appears to have the power to improve our memory and brain function. There is endless research showing the power of essential oils on our cognitive function so it comes as no surprise that this benefit makes the list.

One of the most notable uses for this purpose is in patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD and may suffer with memory issues. By applying a small amount of valor essential oil, it is believed that the memory in these patients can be significantly improved.

Air Freshener

Valor oil is a fragrant oil which has become very popular when used as an air freshener for the home. Not only is this a great way to benefit from the feelings of self esteem that the oil may bring but it can also create a grounding environment for those who practise mindful activities such as yoga and meditation, bringing a sense of calm confidence to the room.

Aside from freshening the home, valor oil has also been widely used as a replacement for perfumes. Just a few drops of the oil can provide you with a scent that in enticing and long lasting.

Safe Use Of Valor Oil

With valor oil being made up from a blend of other essential oils, one of the most important things to consider before beginning using it is whether you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients. If you do, it may be wise to either perform a patch test or avoid using the oil completely.

The use of essential oils always come with a standard set of precautions to ensure safe and effective use, but for valor oil specifically, you should consider the following.

  • Valor oil is considered safe for use with children, however this should always be confirmed by a medical professional.
  • If you are taking any sort of medication, valor oil may not be suitable. Consulting your doctor is the best way to determine whether it is safe for use.


Unlike many other essential oils on the market, valor oil is a unique blend of spruce, blue tansy, frankincense and rosewood giving it a beautiful aroma all of its own. But apart from simply smelling incredible, valor essential oil has the ability to bring many benefits through its use.

Most commonly, it is applied as a topical treatment, especially to the feet, where it is thought to provide relief from pain, back problems and a bad memory. One of the oils primary uses is in the field of chiropractic medicine.

It is important that when using valor oil, you do so safely and follow the precautions we have discussed to ensure a fully positive experience.