Ginger Essential Oil

We might commonly associate ginger as a cooking ingredient and whilst this root is excellent in flavouring your favourite dish, it also gives us an essential oil which holds many health benefits.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the uses and benefits of ginger essential oil in a little more depth, giving us the chance to see how we can take advantage of this incredible gift from nature.

What Is Ginger Essential Oil?

Ginger has been used for many hundreds of years for a wide range of reasons. The essential oil is taken from what is known as the rhizome of the plant, this is the part from which the roots stem. The oil has a particularly spicy and warm aroma which is easily recognisable.

Ginger is grown in various countries throughout Asia, but the biggest producers of the plant are India, Indonesia and China. The oil is extracted through a distilling process.

Uses And Benefits Of Ginger Essential Oil

Throughout history, people have used ginger essential oil to cure many ailments and it is no surprise that it is still widely used in alternative medicine today, since it has many effective properties. Let’s look at these in a little more detail.

Prevents Nausea

Women who have had babies and suffered from morning sickness, will have been told countless times by their healthcare providers to take ginger as a way of combating this problem. And this is not an unwarranted claim.

When inhaled during a bout of any kind of nausea, ginger has the ability to soothe and relax the muscles within the stomach which in turn can drastically reduce nausea and prevent vomiting. There have been many pieces of research to demonstrate that ginger could be a replacement for pharmaceutical medications when trying to relieve nausea after certain medical procedures.

Keep The Stomach Healthy

As well as providing a relaxing effect to the stomach, it is believed that ginger essential oil may also have the power to aid in the healing of stomach ulcers. What’s more, the oil is thought to be able to prevent further stomach ulcers from developing. It works by delivering a high dose of anti-bacterial properties to the lining of the stomach which in turn will kill and prevent certain bacteria from building up.

Improve The Health Of The Skin

We are all looking for a solution to more healthy skin and ginger could be the answer. One of the great benefits of ginger essential oil in skin care is that it acts as a good anti-oxidant, this can work wonders when trying to reduce signs of ageing in the skin and one of the reasons that ginger is widely used in face creams designed for this purpose.

Secondly, the oil is able to control the amount of oil produced by the skin which in turn can aid in controlling certain skin conditions such as acne, along with its anti-bacterial qualities, it makes an excellent skin care treatment.

Heal Arthritis

There is some evidence to suggest that ginger essential oil may be able to aid in the relief of arthritis. This is down to it’s anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a topical treatment on areas where arthritis is an issue.

Along with the pain relief we see in joint conditions, it is also thought that ginger oil has the power to provide pain relief for the muscles. This can be particularly useful when looking to soothe aches after an intense workout. Aside from providing an anti-inflammatory effect, ginger oil may also help to block the brain from receiving pain signals.

Help To Maintain Mental Health

Anxiety and depression are two of the most diagnosed mental health conditions in this modern day and it is not surprising when we look at the stresses and strains that life puts on us. This can easily result in a deterioration in mental health and more often than not, medication is given to control the symptoms. However, a more natural approach may be beneficial in reducing side effects whilst still treating the symptoms of the illnesses.

Ginger essential oil is thought to be able to help relief symptoms of anxiety and depression due to its ability to provide relaxation, which can lower stress levels and ease tension. What’s more, using the oil can reduce inflammation in the brain which can then increase the amount of natural relaxation hormones that are produced.

It has also been suggested that mood can be lifted for women who are suffering from PMS, a condition which is synonymous with low mood and irritability.

Safe Use Of Ginger Essential Oil

All essential oils should be used with caution and aside from the general safety precautions that are advised across the board, there are some more specific things to keep in mind when using the particular oil.

  • Ginger oil should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • may occur making the oil unfit for use.
  • nausea so care should be taken.
  • that ginger oil may cause women to have heavier periods. If you already experience a heavy bleed, it may be best to avoid using this oil.
  • Similarly to the above, if you have a bleeding condition, ginger oil should not be used.


Ginger is most commonly associated with cooking, especially in Asian dishes but whilst this plant does serve its purpose this way, it also can provide some excellent benefits when used in aromatherapy.

Ginger oil can be either inhaled or applied topically to the skin and may be advantageous in maintaining healthy skin all the way through to improving your mental health. As with all essential oils, there are safety precautions which should be adhered to in order that you avoid any unwanted effects.