Amber Essential Oil

Not many people are aware of the benefits that amber essential oil can bring, despite it being used in a wealth of health and beauty products. It is, unfortunately one of the essential oils which has fallen under the radar. However, once you are aware of the uses and benefits that this oil might provide, you won’t forget it in a hurry.

In this article, we are going to be exploring some of the benefits and uses of amber essential oil, showing you how it may fit into your day to day life in a positive way.

What Is Amber Essential Oil?

Rather interestingly, amber essential oil has a much longer history than many of the oils we are familiar with today. When you first think of amber, your mind may envisage the owner of Jurassic Park, with his amber topped walking stick – and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Amber essential oil is an oil which is extracted from the fossilised sap of an ancient tree known as Pinus Succinefera, or a large conifer to you and I.

Benefits And Uses Of Essential Oils

We briefly touched on the fact that amber essential oil has a huge range of benefits where our health is concerned, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from using this particular oil.

Mental Health

There is an ever increasing number of cases of depression and anxiety in this modern day, and it’s little wonder with the high stress levels we all encounter. However, there may be hope in the form of amber essential oil.

It is believed that this oil can provide some relieve from the symptoms of these conditions. This works through the anti-inflammatory properties which are said to be held by amber essential oil.

There is some suggestion that these mental health conditions can be as a result of inflammation within the brain, which in turn leads to it’s inability to regulate hormones and mood.

Using amber oil can also help to provide a relaxing and calming effect which can be great at tackling high levels of stress.

Boost Your Sex Drive

For many people, a lower sex drive can be annoying at best, soul destroying at worse but through the use of amber essential oil, there is some suggestion that this problem could be greatly reduced.

First of all, due to its ability to lower the level of anxiety within a patient, this may have a direct impact on the libido, with anxious feelings being one of the culprits of a lowered sex drive.

Secondly, it is thought that amber oil has the capability to improve circulation which can also greatly increase our sex drive. One of the most popular ways of using the oil for this reason is within a massage oil with a partner.

Inflammation And Pain

We have already discussed that amber oil has some great anti-inflammatory purposes and this extends to it’s ability to reduce inflammation where pain is concerned. This may help those suffering with conditions such as arthritis, in which the joints become severely inflamed and extremely painful.

There is a substance found within amber essential oil which is believed to be responsible for this effect which is known as sesquiterpenes.

This essential oil is also very effective when used in the treatment of painful wounds and lacerations and may make a useful addition to your natural first aid kit.

Improve Circulation

Poor circulation can be a result of many things such as smoking and other poor lifestyle choices but it can also be a naturally occurring phenomena for many people.

Amber essential oil is believed to have a very positive effect on this condition and is thought to bring relief from associated symptoms such as cold hands and feet. In order to reap the benefits of amber oil for poor circulation, topical application is thought to be the best method. This allows the oil to soak through the skin, directly improving the flow of blood.

Air Freshener

It is not uncommon for our homes to become full of strong, unwanted odours as a result of things such as pets and cooking strong smelling foods. There are many options for air fresheners, but many of these contain chemicals and unnatural scents.

If you are looking for a more natural alternative, amber oil can be used very effectively as a deodoriser within the home. What’s more, due tot eh anti-bacterial effects of amber essential oil, it has the ability to remove harmful germs and bacteria from this air, therefore purifying it and making it much safer to breathe.

There is some suggestion that this may also play a role in aiding those suffering from breathing difficulties.

Aid The Immune System

One of the most favoured uses of many essential oils is that they are excellent when it comes to keeping the immune system in checl. there are a whole world of options when it comes to aromatherapy and immune health with amber oil being one of the top choices.

Due to its high level of anti-bacterial properties, this essential oil is great at killing germs and keeping us in good health but on top of this, the oil is also thought to be beneficial in the treatment of lung conditions.

Safe Use Of Amber Essential Oil

There are safety precautions which should be observed when using any type of essential oil and amber oil is no exception from this rule. It is important to follow the general safe use guidelines for essential oil such as not directly ingesting the oil but there are some particular things to keep in mind when using amber oil specifically.

  • If you are currently using any medication designed to help with circulation, the use of amber essential oil is not recommended. If you do wish you use it alongside this type of medication, it is crucial that you consult a medical professional first.
  • In women who are pregnant, amber oil may produce a stimulant effect which can, in some cases play a role in miscarriage, for this reason its use is not recommended.
  • There are many man made, or low quality amber oils available on the market, it is important to be sure that what you are purchasing is in fact, pure and quality amber essential oil.


Amber essential oil is one of the lesser known essential oils despite its heavy use in many health and beauty products. This oil, which is derived from fossilised conifer tree sap has a wide range of health benefits from aiding the immune system to boosting sex drive. It can be used either as a topical treatment or for inhalation purposes.

As with any essential oil, there are certain precautions one must take before beginning to use the oil, and if you are in any doubt, consulting your doctor is the best way to make sure you are using the oil safely and effectively.