Yarrow Essential Oil

The yarrow plant, when dried out can produce a luxurious and effective essential oil. The yarrow oil has a wide range of uses and benefits which can be gained through either direct application as a topical treatment or through simply inhalation of the product.

In this article, we are going to be exploring these uses and benefits in order to show you how the use of yarrow essential oil may improve your life for the better.

What Is Yarrow Essential Oil?

Yarrow is a plant which is native to many countries in both Europe, Asia and North America, making it extremely accessible for many people. The plant can grow quite large – up to 3 three in height in the right conditions and when we dry the plant out, we are able to extract the essential oil.


Uses And Benefits Of Yarrow Essential Oil

We mentioned that there are a variety of uses for the yarrow oil, let’s take a closer look at these now.

Aids In Skin Healing

Many essential oils are excellent at aiding the skin with all kinds of conditions and yarrow essential oil is no exception to this rule. Not only is yarrow oil a powerful anti-inflammatory meaning that it is great at helping the healing of minor cuts and grazes, but it also has some fantastic anti-ageing properties. Being a potent astringent, yarrow oil penetrates into the skin and provides intense hydration and can prevent sagging of the skin. Both of these will result in younger-looking, more glowing skin.

If that isn’t enough, yarrow oil is able to induce contractions of the facial muscles, causing a tighter-looking appearance. In addition to this, it can help in the treatment of conditions such as acne, including the treatment of any scars left behind by the condition. Yarrow oil also has the capability to prevent infection and when applied directly to the skin can form an anti-septic barrier.

Reduces Fever And Soothes The Stomach

Yarrow essential oil is known to have an effect on our body temperate – effectively lowering it. This means that it is an excellent treatment for those suffering from a fever. This is especially true if a fever is a result of a gastrointestinal infection (stomach flu) since the yarrow oil is also responsible for gut health.

On top of this, it can also bring relief from the pain of stomach cramping which often accompanies these types of infections as well as encouraging regular bowel movements. For other digestion-related symptoms such as a balanced bile level within the liver and stomach, yarrow is a great assistant.

Get A More Restful Night’s Sleep

Insomnia can be an incredibly frustrating condition, but by introducing the use of yarrow essential oil, patients may notice that falling, and staying asleep becomes easier.

The science behind this is simple. Yarrow oil has the ability to lower the blood pressure and the heart rate, as a result of this the patient will feel much more relaxed and more easily able to rest. Coupled with this, yarrow oil has the power to relax the nervous system, therefore bringing about a feeling of calm.


In females, yarrow essential oil can play a part in a more healthy menstrual cycle. For many women, periods can be irregular and spontaneous, however, through the use of this oil, menstruation can be encouraged to be more regular.

The reason for this is because yarrow oil has the capability to balance hormone production which then translates into a more balanced menstrual cycle. On top of this, the oil is able to stimulate periods in women who are not having them. Coupled with its ability to tackle stomach cramps and pain, the oil is perfect for use to alleviate accompanying symptoms of menstruation.


Many people struggle with arthritis but did you know what yarrow essential oil may help in relieving the symptoms? The way that this occurs is down the yarrow oil’s ability to slow the productions of inflammatory cells within the human body. These cells are what are responsible for symptoms of arthritis and when there are fewer of them – arthritis is somewhat relieved.

It is also able to reduce the amount of uric acid which is produced, this is another component that is responsible for inflammation and pain, especially in conditions such as arthritis. The uric acid will accumulate within the joints, causing the condition, however, yarrow oil can alleviate this issue. For those who do not suffer from arthritis, yarrow oil can help in other areas where anti-inflammatory properties are required.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are commonplace in our modern, busy lifestyles but yarrow oil has been proven to relieve stress and lower anxiety levels. Similarly to how it works with aiding sleep, yarrow essential oil can lower heart rate and have an effect on the central nervous system. These two things combined are excellent at reducing the level of stress in an individual.


Yarrow oil has been seen to improve our circulation. This can be beneficial for conditions that may be linked to bad circulation or conditions which rely on circulation for healing. In particular this is true for those suffering from haemorrhoids or varicose veins.

Detox Your Body

We talked earlier about how yarrow oil can reduce a fever. The same effects, which can induce sweating in a patient can have a great effect on the level of toxins found within the body.

For anyone who struggles with weight problems, yarrow oil can be of use. Due to its ability to encourage the loss of salt and water through perspiration, it has been seen to aid those looking to lose weight. Alongside this, the induction of sweating will keep you cool and comfortable.


Safe Use Of Yarrow Oil

It is always important to ensure that you use essential oils responsibly and safely, this will ensure that you are able to reap the maximum benefits. There are a few things to consider when using yarrow oil that will make sure that you have a pleasant experience with it.

  • Due to the fact that yarrow oil can produce some neurotoxic effects, it is advised that it is used for short periods of time until desired results are seen.
  • It is not recommended that young children (under the age of 6) or women who are pregnant use yarrow oil.
  • Those who suffer from epilepsy are not advised to use yarrow essential oil.
  • In some people, yarrow oil may produce irritation of the skin, it is therefore advisable to patch test the oil 48 hours before using it as a topical treatment.



Yarrow oil is easily extracted from the yarrow plant which is found in various locations around the world This essential oil is perfect for a variety of conditions from healthy menstruation all the way through to insomnia. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic properties making it ideal for the treatment of arthritis and skin conditions, respectively.

ential OilalWhilst yarrow oil is safe for most people to use, there are some safety precautions that should be observed to ensure the best use of the product.