Coconut Essential Oil Profile and Brand Reviews (Fractionated Oil)

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Essential Oils can not actually be extracted from Coconuts. Chemicals are actually used in the extraction process, so a claim of 100% pure essential oil made from coconuts is not completely true.

Having said that, 100% pure fractionated “coconut essential oil” is probably the best carrier of essential oil, which is why top brands in the world use premium coconut oil – deodorized, clarified and refined to blend perfectly with costlier essential oils.

How Fragranced Coconut Oil Is Used By Different Brands

Coconut oil blends naturally with almond, lemon, orange, sandalwood, vanilla, banana, kiwi, pineapple, and other essential oils. This turns it into a popular carrier oil of 100% pure essential oils.

The carrier oil remains in liquid form at room temperature. Popular brands use plant therapy to distil fractionated coconut oil without the use of additives and fragrances.

Though it is commonly used to nourish the scalp, coconut oil is also used in diffusers to help users relax and invigorate their bodies after a hectic day. Its inviting scent reminds users of easy-going island life and is often blended with essential oils offering therapeutic value.

Sunbathing may not always have the desired effect on the body; however, coconut essential oil blends are liberally used in personal care products, including body lotions, bath salts, and ultrasonic diffusers.

For example, coconut fractionated carrier oil is the base oil for aromatherapy and massage oil recipes.

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil