Grapefruit Essential Oil

Many essential oils are used in aromatherapy, and one of the most popular is grapefruit oil. This citrus oil is orange in color and is taken from the skin of the grapefruit. This is done by employing the use of a process called cold-pressing. Within the fruit’s skin, several glands secrete this oil, and cold-pressing allows us to extract these oils. Once extracted, they have a wealth of uses, such as promoting circulation and improving mood.

As with many essential oils, grapefruit oil has been associated with a wealth of other health benefits, such as lowering stress levels and potentially aiding in weight loss.

There has been some research into how grapefruit oil can be of benefit. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at 7 of the most notable uses and benefits that can come from using grapefruit essential oil in aromatherapy.

Uses And Benefits Of Grapefruit Oil

1 It Works As An Appetite Suppressant

It can be all too easy to give in to a hearty appetite, but there may be hope in the form of grapefruit oil. When used in aromatherapy, extensive studies show there is huge potential for grapefruit oil as an appetite suppressant. Whilst these studies have only been conducted on animals, namely rats, it does give us a clear indication that the effects may extend to humans.

But how does this work? One of the potent and prominent aromas that come from grapefruit oil is limonene, which may reduce our appetite, which can have a direct impact on weight loss. According to Monq, signals are sent to the brain upon smelling these scents which trick it into thinking that our appetite has been sated.

2 It Could Help With Weight Loss

One of the most famous diet fads of the last few decades was the grapefruit diet. This isn’t completely ridiculous; certain studies had shown that participants who ate half a grapefruit before their meal lost a lot more weight than those who didn’t: over three and a half pounds, to be exact. But how does this work when it comes to using grapefruit essential oil in aromatherapy?

There is some suggestion that through inhaling the scent of the grapefruit oil, fatty tissues were much more easily broken down. Of course, this could also be linked to the grapefruit oil’s ability to reduce appetite, with those using it feel less of a compulsion to eat, resulting in faster weight loss.

We mentioned limonene, which can also contribute to weight loss since it can break down fat. Therefore when applied topically can have a direct effect on how much weight a person can lose. It is, however, important to bear in mind that research on this is sparse.

3 Lower Blood Pressure And Stress Levels

Our modern lives after wrought with pressure and stress, but there is some suggestion that grapefruit essential oil can play a part in lower our stress levels and, therefore, our blood pressure.

This works because our sympathetic nervous system is stimulated when we breathe in the scent from this particular oil. This system is directly linked to our fight or flight reactions, which are often put into action during stressful situations. Alongside this, certain research has shown that grapefruit oil may be responsible for lowering our cortisol levels, which is released as a further response to stress. All of this combined can reduce blood pressure, becoming more and more of a problem in the modern world.

4 Mood Balancing

Coupled with stress comes low mood, and it is not uncommon for people to find that their mood ebbs and flows as often as the tide. We have talked about limonene, which is an aroma found within grapefruit oil, and it would appear that it affects physical issues and emotional ones. Some studies have shown that this potent scent can induce a feeling of calm over a patient.

The research into the effects of grapefruit oil on mood is currently limited. Still, some studies have shown that certain essential oils, including grapefruit, have the ability to lower the heart rate and breathing rate. Both of these are common symptoms in those who suffer from conditions such as anxiety and depression. With these symptoms partially alleviated through the use of grapefruit oil, the mood is potentially improved.

There is also some suggestion that grapefruit essential oil can play a part in improving memory. Often, this can be an issue with those who suffer from low mood and could play a part in improving the mood when memory function is improved.

5 Improve Acne

Acne is a notoriously difficult skin condition to deal with. Many patients suffer for years without ever being able to treat it properly. However, there may be hope through the use of grapefruit essential oil.

The main reason that grapefruit oil is thought to assist in the treatment of acne is that it has high levels of antioxidants and is a superb anti-inflammatory. For this reason, it is widely used in many skincare products across the globe. Not only this, but the oil can play an important role in keeping the skin cleansed and free from bacteria, meaning that outbreaks are less likely to occur.

Grapefruit oil also contains very high levels of vitamin C, which is conducive to excellent skin health. Not only can this help with conditions such as acne, but it may also benefit those looking to fight signs of premature skin aging, amongst other things.

6 Antimicrobial And Antibacterial Properties

We have touched on how grapefruit essential oil can provide anti-bacterial effects for the skin regarding acne. However, the oil can provide even greater benefits in this area.

Grapefruit oil can also perform as a powerful antimicrobial, meaning that it can be beneficial in tackling bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus and E-coli. Amazingly, this oil was also shown to be seriously effective in attacking strains of MRSA. On top of this, there has been research on whether grapefruit essential oil can play a part in tackling the bacteria, candida albicans which can cause yeast infections. Results are promising, showing that there may be hope in fighting this type of bacteria.

For anyone who suffers from stomach ulcers, grapefruit oil may be a potential treatment for the symptoms due to its ability to defeat the bacteria which causes this condition. There have been studies into this, and the results show a link between the use of grapefruit oil and the improvement of stomach ulcers.

It is interesting that despite some of the aforementioned bacteria being particularly resistant to modern treatments such as antibiotics, they have responded well when treated with grapefruit oil.

7 Use As An Air Freshener

Limonene is a strong citrus scent that can be extremely advantageous in tackling airborne odors. Many companies include grapefruit in their air freshening products, but using natural grapefruit oil can be a safer alternative.

This can be done by adding a few drops of grapefruit oil to a water spray bottle and allowing the mixture to infuse for a few hours. This natural recipe will provide a longer-lasting, natural odor eliminator that can uplift the mood and provide the health benefits discussed.

How To Use Grapefruit Oil Safely

To get the most out of grapefruit oil’s benefits, it is important to use it safely. There are a few things to remember, such as ensuring that you do not directly ingest the oil. Whilst commonly practiced in France. Most professionals would agree that essential oils should never be eaten and should only be used as a topical solution or for aromatherapy purposes.

  • The use of certain oils as a topical treatment may cause burning when exposed to sunlight.
  • Check with a medical professional if you are pregnant or if you wish to use essential oils for children.
  • For topical treatment, a carrier oil should be used to dilute the essential oil which can be very potent in its natural form.
  • You may find that your pets and animals have an increased sensitivity to grapefruit oil.


There may be limited research on the effects and benefits of grapefruit essential oils but what we do see is that it can affect conditions such as acne and low mood. This essential oil has been proven to positively affect certain bacteria, proving that it has good anti-microbial properties.

For anyone looking for a more natural approach to high blood pressure and weight loss, grapefruit oil may be the solution. It is, however, important to remember that the use of grapefruit oil should be done responsibly, ensuring safety alongside the best results.