Artnaturals Essential Oils Review

Joseph Nourollah founded Artnaturals in July of 2015. He opened up his new beauty company in Los Angeles, where there is a ton of competition to create the best value beauty brand with the most variety.

Setting up his business in Los Angeles also allowed him to find meet models and influencers in the area that we’re able to showcase the best aspects of his products. He was also getting products at conventions where people interested in beauty would sample it and see it for themselves.

Artnaturals Brand Overview

In the era of social media, where hundreds of millions of people look at products, Artnaturals could spread through word of mouth. The beauty industry had also created practices of using products synthesized in labs, and it felt like a lot of the heart that certain products were made of was suddenly gone.

Artnaturals prides itself on using completely organic ingredients to make its products. That’s pretty expensive to do, especially where the business is located. Artnaturals really stand out because the business had affordable prices in an industry where the prices can be incredibly inflated.

It feels like beauty brands often build their image of a certain crown, with some more niche than others. The biggest market is young adult women, but some brands market to more niche audiences, such as the goth and luxury audiences. Artnaturals markets to just about everyone. They have products for women who can’t afford to shell large amounts of cash, for men looking to use make during their first time, or individuals who want to want to have a luxurious night out. They also sell vitamins and some cleaning essentials that are a lot better than what you’ll get at the convenience store.

The brand is bound to change and evolves as time goes on since that’s what every brand does. But Artnaturals is always going to have a focus on providing many products at affordable prices.

Quality Control

The brand itself may not be for everyone, but Artnaturals has a consistent quality that always makes you feel confident that you’re getting a good product. All of the labels on the products you buy have an easy-to-read design and clarify what the product is.

Even some of the cleaning needs, such as Isopropyl alcohol, have the presentation of a beauty product. The designs are incredible and do a lot to separate from much of the pack that sells similar products. It’s also great that the quality matches their image.

The products themselves have been tested for months before they ever go on the market. This allows all the people at Artnaturals to see what products his consumers are going to like.

They also have control groups so that they’re able to market these products to certain demographics. The products themselves have a decently long shelf life so that you or whoever else buys these products doesn’t feel pressured to buy these products instantly.

It costs a bit more than what the consumer would get in their local grocery store. However, in return, they are getting a much higher level of quality.

Even some of the more basic products are presented in a much more interesting way to match the aesthetic of wherever you do your makeup. For example, many oil diffusers that Artnaturals sells on their site are carved with wood when it would’ve been a lot simpler to use a plastic mold.

The organic ingredients allow the products to feel a lot more natural when a consumer is going for a certain look. Typically, when a company markets a product with properties, it’s an artificial smell with fruit attached. However, in Artnatural’s case, they actually did get fresh fruits to make those products.

Many brands have products that will fall apart or aren’t as strong since there’s been more emphasis on a longer shelf-life. However, these products generally don’t have to make that kind of sacrifice.

Top Artnatural Products

1. Top 8 essential oils and maple diffuser set

This is an excellent set for those just getting started. These are high-quality oils that could easily have their own individual looks for each color. This is priced at $39.95, a solid price to try out products from the brand. You get a good amount of oils to be able to test out the waters that Artnaturals provide. It’s a great product to see if you’re satisfied with what the company produces.

2. Men’s shaving cream

This is a great product to use if you have facial hair you want to maintain. Facial hair is something that men have to take notice of and put effort into maintaining. Facial hair can become oily and attract a lot of dirt. Shaving the beard now and then gives the man a professional look for any setting.

This one, in particular, minimizes problems such as razor burns and will give you a clean shave as long as you have a sharp razor. It’s also effortless to clean off of your face after you’re done.

3. Argan Oil & Vitamin E Rejuvenation Shampoo

Unlike shaving cream, almost anyone can make use of this product. This shampoo has Vitamin E, which is linked with moisturizing the skin and creating a better scalp.

The benefit of applying this over long periods would be that you could have longer-lasting hair and prevent hair loss. It works on all kinds of hair, meaning that this will improve your hair whether you have curly hair or have straight hair. The product doesn’t use sulfates or parabens, meaning that you don’t make long-term sacrifices to clean your hair.

4. Black Peel-Off Face Mask

Perfect for anyone who wants to take of imperfections they may currently have on their face. It comes out of a tube that you squeeze out, making the face mask feel more portable than other options.

The antioxidant formula is perfect for minimizing wrinkles and other flaws on your face associated with aging. The product was made to clean your face and brighten your skin at the same time. It’s not a product that you’ll use every day, but it comes at a great price at only $13.

5. Bath Bomb Set

This is something that both men and women can enjoy. There are 6 bath bombs in the set that the set is all different and has different scents.

The shea butter and essential oils are going to hydrate the skin while simultaneously hydrating the skin. On top of this, you’re only paying around $17 for the entire set. Meaning each bath bomb costs less than $3.


Not everyone lives in an area where they’re able to get beauty goods for an affordable price. Artnaturals is a great company for those who like buying those kinds of products through the internet. Amazon and eBay offer a wide variety of options.

However, most of what is sold there aren’t satisfactory for people who constantly use a product. In some cases, those beauty goods only sell the cheapest products imaginable and never focus on quality. Even then, most of those products use artificial ingredients that keep you further away from the look that you want.

Artnaturals use organic ingredients sourced from real plants and fruits. The products can stay fresher compared to much of the competition that they have to go up against.

Many of the products are also affordable, so not as many people will have the dilemma of deciding this or other necessary living expenses. The quality of products that Artnaturals offers is impeccable. This means that even if the brand doesn’t necessarily go in your direction in terms of what you like, there’s no question as to if you’ll be satisfied or not.

The variety that the store has is also incredible and contains things that all people need. Not everyone is into beauty, but everyone in modern society needs medical face masks, isopropyl alcohol, infrared thermometers, and much more for minor medical needs.

Even people who have no interest in beauty, hygiene, or having better skin can get something they will use for themselves or someone else one day. Everyone has scrapped their legs and arms and needed rubbing alcohol to disinfect that wound at one point.

The brand has a blog to talk about the new plans they may constantly be having. Tons of people use social media to keep up with brands, but seeing all the work they go through to produce content on their site is a joy taken for granted.