Helichrysum Essential Oil

The helichrysum plant is known to some as the curry plant due to its aroma of this spicy dish, however, the essential oil has a wide range of benefits. One of the most commonly recognised uses of this oil is for reducing the appearance of scars, we will look at this along with many other benefits in more detail throughout this article.

What Is Helichrysum Essential Oil?

The helichrysum plant is widely grown throughout Europe and Asia, especially in the Mediterranean region. The essential oil from this plant is taken from any of the green parts including the leaves and the stem, making this quite a versatile bloom. The oil is extracted from the plant using the most common method of steam distillation.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Helichrysum oil has been used for many years, particularly in its native regions as a medicine and healing solution. This comes as no surprise since the oil has a wealth of uses.

Improve The Appearance Of Scars

Anyone who has an obvious scar will know that reducing its appearance can be life-changing, and helichrysum oil may be the answer. One of the most common benefits of this type of essential oil is that it has the power to encourage healing and regeneration of skin tissues, meaning that is is excellent in reducing scars and encouraging the growth of new skin.

In addition to this, the oil is widely used before a scar might occur, such as after a surgical procedure as it is thought that the oil may be able to reduce the chances of a scar developing. The reason for this is not only down to its ability to encourage new tissue growth but also because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Aid In Issues With Digestion

Acid reflux can be a very irritating condition and it is suffered by many people all over the world, but it is thought that helichrysum oil might be able to provide some relief from this and a variety of other digestive related issues.

The essential oil is thought to be able to alleviate cramps and spasms within the digestive system which can be the cause of pain and other problems. Once the muscles within the system are soothed, it is thought that digestion becomes a much simpler process and full function will be restored.

Healthy Skin

There are many benefits for the skin when using helichrysum essential oil, one of the most notable being that the oil is thought to be able to protect from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Not only this but it has also been observed that the oil may have the ability to clear up any damage which has already been done by too much time in the sun, such as the signs associated with premature skin ageing.

On top of this, helichrysum essential oil has some excellent anti-inflammatory qualities which make it an ideal solution to soothing allergic reactions on the skin.


One of the most exciting qualities of this essential oil is that it is a potent anti-bacterial agent. This means that it can be effectively used to kill germs and bacteria on a variety of surfaces around the home. You can achieve these effects by adding a little of the essential oil to homemade cleaning solutions.

The anti-bacterial properties of this particular oil have been widely researched and it has been noted that it is able to kill a variety of germs including those responsible for causing MRSA as well as the fungus known as candida albicans.

Lower Stress Levels

Our modern lives are filled with stress and as a result problems with mental health are becoming more and more widely reported. However, there may be a lessened need for pharmaceutical treatments for these types of conditions if the use of essential oils is employed. Helichrysum essential oil is thought to be able to effectively lower our levels of stress as a result of its ability to lower the blood pressure.

What’s more, when the blood pressure is lowered, we may also notice that we are more focused and easily able to concentrate meaning that we can get tasks completed more easily which will further reduce stress.

Maintain Good Heart Health

A healthy heart is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good overall health and helichrysum oil has the ability to keep your heart working at its best.

It is believed that this essential oil has the power to lower blood pressure, as we have already discovered and in turn, this means that it can be very effective in maintaining good heart health. In addition to this, helichrysum oil is able to lower cholesterol which is vital in keeping the circulatory system functioning well. It is also thought to be able to prevent blood clots from occurring.

Improve The Common Cold

As a result of its anti-bacterial properties, it is thought that helichrysum oil can be of benefit in improving the symptoms of the common cold and cough. On top of this, when the essential oil is inhaled its active anti-inflammatory properties may reduce swelling which is commonly seen with coughs and colds, bringing further relief.

Reduce Inflammation Of The Joints And Muscles

We have already discussed that helichrysum essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and this makes it ideal for treating pain caused by inflammation within the joints and muscles. This type of issue can arise from conditions such as arthritis or from over exerting yourself during a work out. By applying the oil as a topical treatment, you are likely to notice significant relief.

Safe Use Of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Every time you begin using a new essential oil, it is vital that you do so with caution and follow the general safety guidelines for essential oils. However, there are certain safety precautions which should be observed when it comes to using helichrysum essential oil, let’s look at these now.

  • For people suffering with gallstones, this essential oil is not recommended as stomach cramping and overproduction of bile may occur.
  • If you suffer with allergies to daisies or marigolds, a similar reaction may be experienced when using this essential oil, a patch test is recommended.
  • Due to helichrysum oils ability to lower blood pressure, it is not recommended for use if you are already taking medication for this reason.


Helichrysum essential oil is used for a variety of health benefits such as improving heart and digestive health as well as an anti-bacterial. However, the most commonly recognised use of this particular oil is for reducing the appearance or development of scars, making it ideal for use after surgery and pregnancy.

All essential oils require some degree of care before using and helichrysum oil is no exception to this rule. There are certain guidelines you should adhere to in order to ensure that the oil is used safely and effectively.