How Do Essential Oil Diffusers Work?

Using essential oils is a great way to cleanse the air around you, calm any nerves and anxieties that you have and just relax!

Many spas and hotels utilize essential oils to give guests a calming atmosphere, bringing tranquility and serenity into the space.

There is nothing better than having a hot bath, with candles burning and the scent of your favorite essential oils filling the air.

So, what exactly are essential oils, and how do you use them? 

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are made with concentrated plant extracts with a natural scent or essence of the source from which they came. Such extracts often have different properties. 

For instance, lavender essential oil is used for aromatherapy as it promotes relaxation and anxiety.

On the other hand, sandalwood can be used to focus and calm nerves in some people, whilst peppermint oil can aid digestion and boost your energy levels. 

Essential oils are made with the original plant, which is distilled so that the aromatic chemicals are extracted, and the properties are intact.

Then, this plant extract is combined with a carrier oil and mixed, ready for use. These oils are often inhaled through diffusers, humidifiers or burners, for people to inhale and benefit from their healing powers. 

Essential oils are used for a range of reasons. Whether it is to relieve stress or anxiety or aid in the healing of certain health conditions, these oils are used widely around the globe.

The most common means of benefitting from the healing properties of essential oils is with a diffuser. 

What is an essential oil diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser is a product that works to emit the essential oils into the air. It sends the oils into the atmosphere around you, filling the room with their scent.

Using a diffuser, you can inhale the smells and benefits of the oils and ingest them into your body safely and naturally, allowing the oils to work their magic. 

By inhaling essential oils, you can relieve tensions, stress and feel much calmer, more relaxed and peaceful.

This is why so many people utilize essential oil diffusers in their homes, as they turn it into a safe space where they can feel completely at ease. 

Most of these diffusers will send out the warming, pleasant scent of the oil whilst also purifying the air in your home for a more serene environment. 

How do essential oil diffusers work? 

Essential oil diffusers basically work to send the essential oils into the air around you. They come in many different shapes and forms and can have a range of therapeutic effects in your home. 

To find out how essential oil diffusers work, we have to cover four different kinds, as they all work in various ways. For example, there are evaporative oil diffusers, heat essential oil diffusers, nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers. 

The most common diffusers that you will have seen in stores and shops are the reed diffusers.

These are basic evaporative diffusers filled with your favorite essential oils and will have reeds or what looks like wooden sticks inside. Much like this lavender fragrance oil diffuser found here.

These work as the oil is absorbed by the porous reeds and sends it upwards from the container into the tip of the reed.

This is then evaporated into the air. These are the most low-maintenance oil diffusers, but they do not create a very overwhelmingly strong scent. 

Other evaporative diffusers are called active evaporative diffusers. These utilize a small fan that blows across an absorbent pad, which is soaked in essential oil.

The fan produces enough energy for the oil molecules to evaporate into the air and release the scent.

The second most well-known essential oil diffuser is the heat diffuser.

Now, this is used with a small tealight candle that will warm up the oils, causing them to release their healing scents.

Now, whilst these oil diffusers are very common, they are not as good as others.

Because they need a small candle and open flame to burn the oil, they can be a fire hazard and have no safety shut-off switch. They will burn until the wax completely melts. 

In addition, it can be dangerous if the oil comes into direct contact with the flame, and the heat often burns the oils too much, creating impurities and ruining the healing properties of the oils. 

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to use a nebulizer and ultrasonic diffusers. The nebulizing diffuser works differently from the ultrasonic diffuser, as it does not have a water reservoir.

Instead, the essential oils are diffused through a carrier water droplet.

The nebulizing diffusers work through Bernoulli’s Principle, which means that air is pushed through a small tube at a high velocity, which creates a difference in pressure in the tube.

This then creates a suction effect, which sucks up the essential oil in the bottom of the diffuser, and pushes it up to the top of the tube.

This process forces the essential oils to rise, whilst the pressurized air in the tube atomizes the oil molecules and disperses a mist into the room, filled with the scent and properties of the essential oil.  

Finally, we have ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. These are becoming increasingly popular among enthusiasts.

The ultrasonic diffuser works by dispersing essential oils into the air via tiny microdroplets of water vapor. Inside the diffuser, the water is converted from a liquid into a vapor with ultrasonic vibrations.

These vibrations are created with a vibrating disc that, in turn, creates sound waves at ultrasonic frequencies that we cannot hear ourselves.

These waves turn the water at such a fast rate that the water becomes a mist, which is then dispersed throughout the room.

The therapeutic smells, scents, and effects of the oils are then carried throughout the room for you to inhale and enjoy. 

The ultrasonic diffuser keeps the essence of the oil intact, which means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of the oil without destroying its properties. 

As a result, these diffusers are considered the best of the best for dispersing essential oils in your home and are, shall we say, essential if you want a peaceful, serene and tranquil home environment.